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abstract art gallery - Mary-Clare Buckle

Abstract Art Pictures

an art gallery of abstract & semi-abstract pictures
by leading UK textile artist, Mary-Clare Buckle

abstract fibre art sweeps away the 2-dimensional limitations of painting, replacing it with the texture, colour and vibrancy which can only be achieved with fibres

abstract art pictures which interact with light falling on and through them - 'living' art to enhance your home

on my websites you can buy stunning examples of my abstract art
both original pictures and limited edition prints
... or commission a special piece to your own requirements

all my art is abstract or semi-abstract -
as can be seen on the main Gallery page
on my companion website, www.1-art-1.com

this is the first opportunity you've ever had to see work like this on the Internet - unique, collectible art by leading Dorset-based UK fibre artist Mary-Clare Buckle

To view the pictures, either go to the main abstract art Gallery page on my companion website, www.1-art-1.com, or click on any of the image details of the pictures above to look at an enlargment of the whole piece and then proceed to the Gallery showing that type of work

I have developed and refined a technique of making paper-thin felted wool pieces and sandwiching them in clear acrylic sheet.   These can then be hung slightly away from the wall, interacting with light falling on and through them and giving an impression of the piece floating in three dimensions - hence ‘Floating Felts’.   No longer is the eye of the viewer constrained by a rectangular frame - but can stray onto and off the piece.    Click here to see this type of work in my Floating Felt Gallery.

The obvious extension of this technique was to use an integral light source to backlight the pieces.    This creates the dramatic effect of the lighted piece appearing to float in space, or the piece can be mounted in a lightbox - as used by Tate prize finalist, Catherine Yass.

And - inspired by the uv environment of nightclubs - I am producing a range of lights which use uv-reactive fibres, lit by uv-A tubes.    This produces an intense glow from the fibres, resulting in an incredibly vibrant effect.    Click here to see this type of work in my Art Lights Gallery.

In my range of 'conceptual' work I combine digital images with a felted wool background.    The first piece, It’s Raining Men, was originally suggested by the Weather Girls song.    This is the first in a series of It's Raining ... pieces - cows, money, cats & dogs, etc.

I am also working on a series of ‘tourist cliché’ pieces - a London-themed piece will have images of red phone boxes, double-decker buses, beefeaters, etc.    Click here to see this type of work in my Conceptual Gallery.

Also in this Gallery is a range of work inspired by the decorative use of tiles in the Middle East and North Africa.    Two pictures in particular - Me and You - were recently sold to a client furnishing a villa in the Algarve.   Pieces like this could have any lettering, symbols or perhaps a company logo, repeated across them.

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